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You can open up the game's cheat menu by pressing the F1 key. Here is a list of some of the more useful cheats for mod development and testing. Keep in mind that [arguments] need to be replaced with your custom value, and the brackets [] need to be omitted.

In-game cheats

  • ShowNonBuyable allows you to buy plates, pots and the like.
  • Need [name] [percentage between 0 and 1] changes the current person's needs.
    • NoNeed stops need reduction for everyone.
    • Needless fills all needs back up for the current person.
  • IgnorePlacementRules allows you to place colliding furniture. Note that, in this mode, it is very easy to place furniture in a way that looks incorrect or overlaps when rotating the camera.
  • EditPerson opens a character editor for the current household, with all functionality enabled.
  • Money [amount] sets your current household's tiny bucks amount.
    • Gib gives you 10,000 tiny bucks.
  • ExtremelyFast allows you to select the 15x speed option all the time, regardless of whether people in the active household are sleeping or out of town.
  • Skill [name] [level] changes the current person's skill level. You can find a list of all skill names in the API docs.
  • AddJob [name] [level] adds the given job to the current person at the given level You can find a list of all job names in the API docs.
    • RemoveJob [name] removes the given job from the current person.
  • Die kills the current person.
  • Emotion [modifier name] [level] [seconds] adds an emotion modifier to the current person. You can find a list of all emotion modifiers in the API docs.
  • Friendship [name without spaces] [percentage between -1 and 1] sets the friendship level between the named partner and the current person to the given percentage.
  • Romance [name without spaces] [percentage between -1 and 1] sets the romance level between the named partner and the current person to the given percentage.
  • Forget [name without spaces] deletes any active relationships between the named partner and the current person.
  • Revive [name without spaces] revives a person who has died and adds them to your household.
  • FreeLots makes creating and importing households onto lots free.
  • BigScreenshot takes a full-size screenshot of the entire map, which might take a few seconds to save, during which the game will be stalled.
  • LifeGoal [goal] [stage] sets the current person's life goal to the goal and stage number.
    • LifeGoal Advance advances the current person's current life goal by one stage.
  • Time [time] sets the game's current time to the given number of hours. The current day will remain the same.
  • Day [weekday name] sets the game's current weekday to the given day by advancing time until the day is reached. Weekday names have to start with an uppercase letter.
  • ShowDebugActions will enable a set of debug actions you can always select in-game, including teleporting to a certain location, adding people to your household, and more.
  • AgeUp will cause the selected person to age up if possible.
  • RemoveRandos will remove any randomly generated people from the map and regenerate them.
  • Pregnancy [amount of hours] will make the selected Tiny pregnant with the given amount of hours before likely going into labor.

Modding and debug cheats

  • EditWorld allows you to place things outside of lots and adds the ability to add new lots to the world. You can find out more about editing the world in the custom maps tutorial.
  • Held [object name or null] sets the current person's held object. You can find a list of all object names in the API docs.
  • EditCurrentActionSpot turns on action spot edit mode, which allows you to easily edit the properties of the selected person's current action spot.
    • The person's animation stops, but they are drawn on all surrounding objects of the same type instead, which makes it easier to ensure that the offset looks correct in multiple rotations and positions.
    • Pressing the up, down, left and right keys moves the current action spot's position and holding shift moves the spot's visual position instead
    • Pressing the page up and page down keys moves the spot's y offset.
    • The resulting values are printed to the console every time a modification is made, so you can copy them and paste them into your action spot code.
  • DumpTexture saves the game's texture packer's entire texture into the Tiny Life folder (which can be accessed through the options menu) as _Packed.png.
  • There are various cheats that print organized debug information to the console, which can be useful for debugging and balancing mods. These include TalkActions, AverageTalkActions, ActionPriorities, AverageActionPriorities, NeedStats, HouseholdStats, SkillStats, and ActionStats.