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Namespace TinyLife.Uis



The character creator is displayed when a person (or household) is being edited in terms of their Clothes and PersonalityTypes.


A controls hint is a set of information that is displayed in the bottom-right corner of the game that is supposed to help the player with the game's controls. Each controls hint has a condition as well as a set of bindings and a string that it should display.


A covering group is a group that has additional functionality. This functionality includes displaying a gradient background that can be clicked on to exit, adding a close button to any MLEM.Ui.Elements.Panel added, and displaying an opening and closing animation. To close a covering group while keeping animations and closing conditions in mind, use Close(bool).


An in-game hint is a tutorial notification that can display with a given Condition, or that can be caused to be displayed manually using Display(). Each in-game hint is only displayed once, unless the list of displayed hints is reset in the Options.


This class holds a set of ways to interact with the game's in-game ui.


A class that stores information about the map selection ui, which is called "household selection area" in-game.


A set of static methods to deal with MLEM.Ui and in-game menus


This class holds information about the current and past notifications that are displayed in the top center of the screen. To create custom notifications, use Add(MapObject, string, NotifType, bool) or Add(string, string, NotifType, bool).



An enumeration that is used for the return value of IsPersonComplete(PersonLike) and CanCloseOrExport().


An enumeration that defines types of cursor graphics that can be set using CurrentCursor.


A set of transition types used by Transition(Action, Action, TransitionType, TransitionType, float, float, float, Color?).


An enumeration that represents a type that a Notifications panel can have. The notification type mainly changes the color that its panel is displayed with.



A delegate method used by OnBoughtItem.


A delegate method used by OnGetCustomPrice