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Interface IUpdatingObject

Tiny Life.dll

This is an interface that can be added to MapObject classes to make them automatically update each update frame. This is used by things like PersonLike, which needs to update for movement etc.

public interface IUpdatingObject
Extension Methods



A property that returns the current IUpdatingObject.UpdateMode for this updating object. This property defaults to returning MajorIfActive. When moving updating objects between update modes (ie changing the return value), objects are moved automatically after the respective update is invoked. This means that update mode changes don't occur immediately. See the documentation for each IUpdatingObject.UpdateMode for more information.

IUpdatingObject.UpdateMode CurrentMode { get; }

Property Value



Update(GameTime, TimeSpan, float)

The update method, which is called every update frame by the underlying Map, as well as additional places like the FurnitureStorage. Because of this, some actions might only want to be invoked if an object IsInWorld. To call this method while invoking all required events, use DoUpdate(GameTime, TimeSpan, float).

void Update(GameTime time, TimeSpan passedInGame, float speedMultiplier)


time GameTime

The game's time

passedInGame TimeSpan

The amount of time that has passed since the last call

speedMultiplier float

The game speed multiplier, which represents how fast things should happen, which is usually determined by Speed