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Namespace TinyLife.Skills



A food type is a type of dish that can be cooked using GetIngredientsSingle. Food types store information such as their name and texture, but also the cooking level that is required to make them. Whether a food type has a custom Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.Texture is based on its FoodType.ContainerType, but most foods use the GetCustomFurnitureTextures(ModInfo) and are loaded as as "FoodName". Food types are registered using Register(FoodType).


A container type is a set of information for a FoodType that determines what Furniture is constructed to hold the food type.


An ingredient source represents a place that the ingredients for a FoodType can be aquired from.


This class represents a type of Painting that can be created using the Painting. Painting types are registered using Register(PaintingType).


A skill is an ability that a PersonLike can have which influences their behavior in some way. Skill instances are created from their corresponding SkillType.


A skill is an ability that a PersonLike can have which influences their behavior in some way. The SkillType class contains underlying data for a Skill instance, like its name and maximum level.


A woodworking recipe stores information about what items can be crafted at a WoodworkingTable. New woodworking recipes for custom (or built-in) furniture items can be registered using Register(WoodworkingRecipe).



A flag enumeration that represents a set of food tolerance restrictions for a FoodType, which determines what food can be eaten by a PersonLike based on their PersonalityType and other properties. See GetPersonality(FoodRestriction, PersonLike) to retrieve matching personalities.


An enumeration for qualitites of objects like CustomPainting. To receive a random quality based on a person's Skill level, use GetRandomQuality(PersonLike, Random, ActionInfo, bool, IEmotionSource, bool).


A flag enumeration that determines the categories that a SkillType has



A delegate method used for OnGetPrice.