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Namespace TinyLife.Utilities



A color scheme is a list of Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Color instances with which an object can be colored. By default, a set of color schemes exist (defined in this class), but new ones can be created easily using Create(params object[]).


A set of extensions for dealing with various things required by Tiny Life.


The selection handler is responsible for handling the selection of objects, walls, roofs and stairs in the game world through pixel-perfect selection with the mouse using a RenderTarget that assigns a unique color to each object. For modders, this class holds various events that can be subscribed to in order to be notified when the selected object changes.


The texture handler stores data for the game's textures, including all of the game's internal textures and various utility methods. It also stores the game's MLEM.Data.RuntimeTexturePacker which is used to pack all textures into a big texture for performance.



Color settings are a collection of color schemes that can be used to color an object. They also contain a mapping of which layers should use which color schemes, and a set of default color schemes. Color settings are most notably used by FurnitureType.TypeSettings, as well as other objects in the world.



A delegate used by OnGameContentLoaded.


A delegate used by OnLoadGameContent.